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a demon soul is inside a hero...
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:devart: hey, DeviantArtists! I have some great news for all of you who sees this!

lucky random artists could get 3-month prepaid or 1-year prepaid premium membership.

once I have reached the maximum goal, I will give out:
:star: 9584 :points: = 4 1-year prepaid premium memberships
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rules of winning a premium membership from me
:fellaright: #1: you do not have-to be really skilled in doing any kind of art, to get the free premium membership from me. so anyone who has absolutely no skills to incredibly awesome skills can be eligible.
:fellaright: #2: you must have submitted at least one legit deviation that you have made on DeviantArt. art thieves will be disqualified.
:fellaright: #3: you must not have blocked my account for any reason. any account that has blocked me before or even after donating will still disqualify you and your points will not be refunded if you had donated.
:fellaright: #4: you have-to be really friendly to everyone, and never take friendships for granted.
:fellaright: #5: you must not have used and back-stabbed anyone in the past for little to no reason. that includes:
:pointr: artist(s)
:pointr: idea-creator(s)
:pointr: your current friend(s)
:pointr: your x-friend(s)
:pointr: anyone else
:fellaright: #6: you must be able to be honest to everyone. that includes saying NO to requests, art-trades, and/or commissions that you don't want or don't have time to do so, to the people who asked them in front of their face; if you like doing requests, art-trades, and/or commissions for people.
:fellaright: #7: you must also be patient if you had asked for a request, art-trade and/or a commission. do not make the artist(s) you asked them to requests, art-trades and/or commissions to finish faster for any reason.
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:fellaright: #9: you can donate a lot or a little as you please. this does not guarantee that you'll be chosen to win a premium membership(depending if you had followed the rules or not), but it will increase your chance just slightly; because that I will see of who donated or not and makes it a little easier to choose... that's if they did not put themselves as anonymous.
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the choosing of which premium memberships to give out will always depend on how much people would want to donate. so if you want me to give out lots of 1-year premium memberships, donate as much as you can!

thank you for donating! if you have done so already...

- Soldjermon

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This deviant has no recent activity.
since that no one has given a rats ass about helping me pay for it, I decided to pay for it myself from BBTS with the limited amount of money that I have left.
once I get it, I'll be really excited!

I might continue on submitting new chapters of ancient sentai mechas by next week or so, but who knows of what the future might hold for it though; since it wasn't even noticeable or even interesting on anyone's radar so far.

until next time, of when I feel like updating.

- Soldjermon


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Respect. what is it?

Respect is when a person treats another with love and kindness.

But what happened to the days when respect was in everyone? Have we lost our ways in the current years?

Respect is where we treat others with love and kindness, not to back-stab that person once you're done using him or her, but it seems that is what people have been doing lately.

Respect that back-stabs a person when problems, flaws and/or situations that arise is "false respect". It means that the person or people who has been giving respect to you, was just an illusion and would back-stab you and run away; leaving you heart-broken, as well with sadness, loneliness and questions of why they ditch you. The most sad part of it is, that the backstabbers would never provide the whole truth of why they had ditched you and would hurt you even more if you try to get answers from them.

Respect that gives love and kindness; no matter what problems, flaws and/or situations that arise is "true respect". This means that the person or people had giving respect to you, is pure and true, and would never want to back-stab, even if something bad had arisen. These people are supportive and will find the complete truth before judging. The heartfelt pain and sorrow of one, the true respected person would feel the pain as well and would be supportive no matter what happens.

Love and kindness is what brought people together and feel happy for one another.

True friends would never fake themselves of being respectful to you, would never turn against you, will never back-stab and run away; no matter what happens.

False friends would fake themselves of being respectful to you, then turn against you, back-stab you and run away; most of the time for no apparent reason.

The point that I'm trying to say is, I have been back-stabbed and gotten ditched before; and therefore I am fed up with it.

Anyone who are false friends with me or don't like me for ANY reason, then just leave and never come back, before thinking about doing any damage.

If you are true friends, then I'm happy that you're around, because I do not take my true friends for granted, and I give the most love and kindness; no matter what problems, flaws or situations that would arise.

The problem is, to see of which are true or false friends. Some people have a good eye and know that the friends you have are false. Some others don't even realize it until it's to late.

Current Residence: sitting on a wall, bored
Favourite style of art: dark, horror
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux
Personal Quote: "I like helping people and live a happy life. do you?"

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